Free Mixxx DJing app hits number one in the Mac App Store

Mixxx: get your Djing kicks for free.
Mixxx: get your Djing kicks for free.

Mixxx is an open-source DJing app that's been bubbling under for a while now, but it's just come to the attention of a much wider audience thanks to its release on the Mac App Store. In fact, in several territories it's hit the number one spot in the free apps category.

There's a reason for this, of course: Mixxx is rather good. Here are the specs:

- Advanced database-powered library
- iTunes library access
- Support for over a dozen DJ MIDI controllers
- Precision pitch/speed adjust, crossfader, channel faders, and high fidelity DJ equalizers
- BPM detection with auto sync
- Headphone cueing with any external USB soundcard!
- Key-lock for adjusting the speed without changing the pitch
- ReplayGain volume normalization
- Supports MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, and WAV playback
- Crates and playlists
- Simple automixing
- Shoutcast and Icecast broadcasting

It's worth noting that Mixxx is also available for both Windows and Linux, while versions for older Macs are still being offered outside of the App Store too. Go to the Mixxx Downloads page for more.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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