FiRe: a pro-quality field recorder for the iPhone?

Time to throw out your handheld recorder?
Time to throw out your handheld recorder?

FiRe isn't the first audio recording app to be released for the iPhone/iPod touch, but its developer, Audiofile Engineering, reckons that it does several things that its rivals can't.

Designed for anyone who wants to turn their Apple handheld into a pro-quality field recorder, FiRe offers an accurate real-time waveform display, audio markers, support for professional Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the instant downloading of audio files in multiple formats.

There's support for external iPhone/iPod touch mics such as Blue's Mikey and the Alesis ProTrack, and if you use the internal mic, the display lets you know how best to position your handheld for optimum directional pick-up.

You can scroll the waveform display with your finger, while a system of double-taps enables further navigation options. Other features include VU meters for input and output signals, a moveable playback head, configurable time units, the ability to tag recordings with locations data, and an overdub mode for layering tracks.

Speaking about his company's new app, Audiofile Engineering's Matthew Foust said: "We created FiRe to give audio professionals the tools they need without having to invest in and carry a second, dedicated device".

FiRe costs £3.49/$5.99 and is available now in the Apple App Store. If it does eliminate the need for a dedicated handheld field recorder, it'll go down as something of a bargain.

Ben Rogerson

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