Erica Synths wants you to experiment with its DIY Synth Voice

Erica Synths has released the DIY Synth Voice a digital monosynth featuring 16 waveforms and a whole lot of patch points.

Prices for the DIY Synth Voice start at €60 for the PCBs + ICs and that includes the MCU board, 2xK140UD12 opamps and PCB connectors. The kit plus panel is €90 and the full kit will set you back €280. More information can be found on the Erica Synths website.

DIY Synth Voice features

  • VCO with 16 waves and manual wave morphing
  • -1 oct sub oscillator
  • White noise generator
  • External audio input
  • Audio mixer
  • LP/BP VCF inspired by Black Polivoks VCF
  • Lin/log ASR envelope generator with looping function
  • Lin ASR EG/LFO with looping function
  • 9 LFO waves with wave morphing
  • Tap tempo and LFO sync
  • LFO frequency multiplication (x2, x4) and division (/2, /4) in sync mode
  • VCA with bias control
  • Auto calibration for better 1V/oct tuning
Simon Arblaster
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