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Emphasizer is EQ's "cheeky younger brother"

Just to emphasise, this is Emphasizer.
Just to emphasise, this is Emphasizer.

Emphasizer is a new effect from V-Plugs that, despite bearing similarities to an EQ unit, promises to offer something distinctly different.

The developer describes it as "the cheeky younger brother of the equalizer", but says that, rather than boosting or attenuating a band of frequencies, it adds presence and emphasis.

This is thanks to what V-Plugs calls its Selective Dynamic Manipulation technology. This promises to enable you to bring out, for example, the snare or hi-hat in a rhythmic drum part, or focus more on the finger noise or picking sound of an acoustic guitar recording.

There are three operation modes - which you choose will depend on what kind of tone shaping you're after - an A/B comparison feature and support for sample rates up to 192kHz.

Windows-only, Emphasizer is a VST plug-in and costs €59.