E-MU ships PIPEline wireless audio system

PIPEline has a 15-metre range.
PIPEline has a 15-metre range.

PRESS RELEASE: E-MU Systems has announced that its new PIPEline wireless stereo audio transmitter/receiver system is now shipping and should be in retail stores now.

PIPEline has been designed to give musicians a wireless audio solution without sacrificing audio quality. PIPEline can be used as a wireless transceiver for a guitar or keyboard, or as the basis of a wireless stage monitoring system for a band.

Because latency is so critical in music performance, PIPEline has a minimal delay of only 5.5 ms, so it won't interfere with the feel of the music. A PIPEline'd musician can move anywhere within a 15 meter range from the receiver. PIPEline also has three independent stereo channels, which means that three instruments can be completely independent with zero crosstalk.

PIPEline is also a great solution for low-cost In-Ear monitoring, supporting up to three separate stereo monitor mixes, or one transmitter can send a group mix to multiple receivers.

PIPEline is currently shipping at an estimated street price of €99.99/£99.99 (including VAT). US estimated street price is $99.99.

PIPEline features

• Mobile wireless, transmit or receive - Each PIPEline can be configured as a transmitter or receiver for ultimate flexibility and works with any audio gear.

• Better than CD Quality Digital Audio - Audiophile quality sound with 48 kHz sample rate and 96dB signal-to-noise ratio of uncompressed audio

• Low Latency Unlike other wireless transceivers with long latency of 20 ms, PIPEline offers low latency so essential for live music applications. (5.5 ms in dedicated pairing mode / 10 ms in broadcast mode)

• 15 Meter (49 feet) Range - PIPEline has Extended Audio Range Reception (EARR) to give you even more freedom

• Long Battery Life (up to 10 hrs receive) - The rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours in receive mode and 5 hours in transmit mode.

• Analog/Digital inputs or outputs - The audio Flexi-jacks can be configured as inputs or outputs and they can also be setup to send or receive analog or digital S/PDIF - whatever type of connections you need.

• Broadcast mode allows one transmitter and multiple receivers - In this mode, one transmitter can broadcast to multiple receivers.

• PIPEline can be used as a wireless stage monitor system for your band, or broadcast to a class of students using headphones.

• Power adapter/charger, cables and skin included

For more information, visit www.emu.com

Information taken from official press release

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