DRC is a (sort of) free multi-platform software synth - what's not to like?

DRC is a new free analogue-modelling polysynth that's available for iOS, Android and on Mac/PC as a VST plugin.

The app, developed by Imaginando, is a feature-rich virtual synth which delivers up to eight voices with two oscillators, one sub-oscillator and one noise source.

The interface has been designed to be as accessible and uncluttered as possible and, as such, promises to be very easy to use. It also features a cloud-based preset management system, which means that sounds to be shared across all available platforms, and an 'intuitive chorder' for fast chord creation.

For mobile devices, DRC is available to download from iTunes and Google Playas a 7-day free trial and the iOS version is Audiobus and Ableton Link compatible. Desktop versions for both Mac and PC are currently in public beta and available to download from the Imaginando website.

DRC is free to use for the first seven days, after which you'll need to purchase, should you want to continue using it. During the 30-day promotional period, the price for all versions is reduced by 50%. The price on iOS/Android is $15, but will rise to $30 after the initial 30 days. The VST version will cost $25 after the first seven days and $50 after the first 30 days.

Imaginando DRC features

  • Up to 8 voices
  • Two main oscillators, one sub-oscillator and one noise source
  • Detune, sync and ring modulation
  • 4 pole self resonant low pass Ladder Filter
  • 2 pole multimode filter (LP, HP, BD, NOTCH)
  • 2 LFO's and 2 analog modeled envelope generators
  • Stereo tape delay with time modulation
  • Lush stereo reverb with modulation and self growing decay
  • True stereo, analog modeled multi mode chorus
  • Arpeggiator with 4 modes, tempo sync and hold function
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