Discover the technology behind the Focusrite mic preamps

Microphone preamplifiers lie at the root of the Focusrite family tree. Back in 1985, when Sir George Martin asked console design legend Rupert Neve to design new modules for AIR Studios, the Input Signal Amplifier, or ISA - the mic pre - was the first. That design was the foundation of Focusrite's benchmark Red range, and its descendants form the ISA series available today.

Today, Focusrite also makes a wide range of computer interfaces - iTrack for iOS; Scarlett for USB; Clarett for Thunderbolt; and the remote-controlled, networked RedNet devices. Each interface range is designed for a different environment, and its mic preamps need to be different too, to deliver the best possible performance under very different conditions.

The company would like to introduce you to the sounds of its mic pres and what they can do. And hear for yourself why Focusrite are the 'Mic Pre Masters'.

To showcase this, Focusrite has made some exclusive recordings with some great musicians specially to show off the performance of the mic preamps, individually designed for each of the Focusrite interface ranges.

Check out the Mic Pre Masters site to learn about the technology and to explore the sound, via an in-browser mixer which allows you to listen to and mix stems from various performances recorded with our pres.