Digital Warrior MIDI controller lands

Warrior's dance: the new MIDI controller from Tomash Ghzegovskyy
Warrior's dance: the new MIDI controller from Tomash Ghzegovskyy

Hardware developer Tomash Ghzegovskyy has launched a new boutique MIDI controller: the 32-step sequencer-boasting Digital Warrior.

The Digital Warrior is a compact, hand-built MIDI device featuring 16 assignable, back-lit pads and six rotaries. The unit also features an onboard 16-voice, 32-step sequencer, and comes with ready-made mappings for both Traktor and Ableton Live. According to its developer, the controller's sequencer utilises Traktor's Remix Decks to allow users to sequence loops, aiming to bridge the gap between Traktor and Maschine.

Speaking exclusively to MusicRadar, Tomash explained: "The 32-step sequencer gives you the ability to build and modify loops on the fly from within Traktor."

Discussing the controller's 4x4 button grid, he said: "Their functionality can completely change by switching pages with a push of a modifier button. It also gives you the ability to configure the behaviour of those controls to better suit different setups."

A limited number of DIY kits and assembled units are available now from the Digital Warrior website. Meanwhile, to get a better understanding of how these controllers can work, here's a video demo of Tomash using them with Ableton Live.