D16 emulates Roland's TR-606

Nithonat expands on the original 606 s feature set
Nithonat expands on the original 606's feature set.

D16 has announced Nithonat, the latest in its range of Roland drum machine emulations. This is a software recreation of the TR-606.

Released in 1983, the 606 was the sister product to the classic TB-303 Bass Line synth. Nithonat contains synthesized versions of its sounds (rather than samples), and offers similar functionality to D16's other drum machines.

This being the case, it features not just the sound-shaping features of the original hardware, but also some new ones.

Appropriately enough, Nithomat is being billed as the sister product to Phoscyon, D16's virtual 303.

More information will be available soon, but we already know that Nithonat will be cross-platform and available in VST/AU formats.