Cut some serious grooves with Waves Abbey Road Vinyl

Snap, crackle and pop.
Snap, crackle and pop.

Waves has announced the arrival of its latest collaboration with Abbey Road Studios, and this time it's promising you sweet analogue warmth. This is because the company says that it's captured every stage of the vinyl production and playback process in a plugin.

The Waves Abbey Road Vinyl plugin lets you choose between the sound of a pure acetate (lacquer) cut or the print master vinyl pressing from the factory.

You're also given the option to play the virtual records on two distinct types of turntable with a choice of three classic cartridges. You can even add the legendary EMI TG12410 mastering console to the signal path and into the vinyl lathe.

Waves has gone even further in search of authenticity, too; Abbey Road Vinyl lets you move the location of the tone arm across the record, which will change the frequency response and distortion, as it would in the real world. There are also options to add vinyl noise and crackle, a slow-down/stop turntable effect, and wow and flutter effects.

Currently, there is no word on price or when Abbey Road Vinyl will be made available. Keep your eyes peeled on the Waves website for more information.

Waves Abbey Road Vinyl features

  • Add authentic vintage vinyl sound to your tracks
  • Precise model of the classic vinyl mastering gear at Abbey Road Studios
  • Choose between a pure acetate cut or the print master pressing from the factory, played back on different turntables and needles
  • Add noise and crackle
  • Control tone arm location for variable frequency response/distortion
  • Add wow and flutter
  • Control and shape phase distortion
  • Apply slow-down/stop turntable mechanism
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