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Consequence plug-in is a "chord synquencer"

Consequence: we're sure it'll make sense when we try it.
Consequence: we're sure it'll make sense when we try it.

Sugar Bytes is creating a nice line of plug-ins that can't be easily explained. First we had Effectrix, the effects sequencer, and now there's Consequence, which is described as a chord synquencer.

This last, compound word does at least indicate that we're dealing with a cross between a synth and a sequencer; Consequence is also billed as a chord groovebox that can be used to create either simple progressions or complete songs.

What's more, the software can take chords that you play and "super-size" them. They can also be split up and transformed in other ways.

Key features of Consequence included three sample-based oscillators, 32-step sequencers and a variety of sounds design tools (including sample rate reduction and oscillator 'ageing').

There's a multi-effect that includes reverse, chorus, phaser, delay and reverb processors and a built-in audio recorder. 100 sounds are also supplied.

Set for release in November, Consequence will be Mac- and PC-compatible and support the VST and AU plug-in formats. It'll cost $199/€149.