Composer Ty Unwin is very pleased with his new Moog System 55

Let's be honest: when you heard that Moog was reissuing its System 55 modular synth, your second thought - after, 'I'd really like one of those' - was probably, 'who on earth would spend tens of thousands of pounds on one of those?'.

Well, now you have an answer in the form of composer Ty Unwin, who discusses his reasons for investing in a System 55 setup in the video above. He looks pleased as punch as the synth is unboxed and set up in his studio, and confirms that the instrument will be used for 'practical music making rather' rather than just whimsical sound design.

Of course, the danger in watching this is that you'll lust after a System 55 yourself, but at $35,000, we'd suggest that you probably can't really stretch to it.

Ah well - there's always Moog's Mother 32 instead.

Ben Rogerson

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