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Chimera is a hybrid preamp

The Chimera looks like it's built to last.
The Chimera looks like it's built to last.

Looking for a new front-end for your recording setup? Sontronics has announced the launch of a hybrid preamp to complement its range of microphones, and this might just fit the bill.

The single-channel Chimera features XLR and jack inputs and enables you to run your audio signal through a solid-state or valve preamp. You can choose which of these modes you want Chimera to operate in just by flicking a switch, while variable high-pass filter, three-stage attenuation and phase controls are also included.

Thanks to a near-linear frequency response - 20Hz to 20kHz - Sontronics is claiming that the Chimera will preserve the sonic characteristics of your mics and instruments.

Slated to ship in March 2008, the Chimera will retail for $1399/€999/£680 (these prices exclude tax or VAT). Detailed specs are available on the Sontronics website.