Can Jerry Seinfeld save Windows Vista?

"Can I pay you by credit card, Jerry?": Seinfeld and Gates laugh it up.
"Can I pay you by credit card, Jerry?": Seinfeld and Gates laugh it up.

As you may have heard, Microsoft has signed up Jerry Seinfeld to star in a series of TV ads, and the first of these has now made its way onto the internet.

The US comedian, who is reported to have been paid around $10 million to help Microsoft's cause, meets Bill Gates in a 'Shoe Circus' store, where he advises him to shower in his clothes and measures his feet. Outside, he asks whether we'll soon have computers that are "moist and chewy like cake".

All very odd, we're sure you'll agree - although the ad has echoes of the going-about-your-daily-business whimsy that made Seinfeld's sitcom so popular, we're not exactly sure how effective it will be as a response to Apple's 'I'm a Mac; I'm a PC' promos.

As MusicRadar previously reported, Microsoft is still having trouble convincing its users that Vista is the way forward. The Service Pack 1 update has certainly improved the OS, but there's still no compelling reason for PC-based musicians to make the move from Windows XP.

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