Bleep Labs' Thingamagoop noise-maker returns

Thingamagoop is back, and this time it's crazier than ever, with the latest version coming with five new FX modes.

The little tentacled, sorry, 'LEDacled' box is part monosynth and part FX unit with a photosensitive sensor, which can manipulate frequency, patches and FX.

The Arduino-based synth has four patches: a detuned saw; triangle wave with LFO; sine wave AM+FM; vowels; and noise. The most notable difference in comparison to its predecessor is the inclusion of effects, which include:

  • Square and sine amplitude modulation
  • Rate reduction
  • Two-pole low-pass filter
  • Delay

Bleep Labs is taking pre-orders up until December 1st for the early bird price of $200 built. For more information, check out the Bleep Labs website.

Other features include:

  • 16bit, 44kHz audio in and out
  • MIDI in and out via 1/8″ breakout cables
  • USB for reprogramming and MIDI
  • Programmable CV in and out
  • Built in speaker
  • Black, powdercoated aluminum enclosure with milled eyeball
  • 9v battery or USB powered
  • Customisable with four LED and eight different front plate colors (more info soon)
Simon Arblaster
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