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Behringer's new synth is in fact a poly!

Behringer has dropped a third teaser video and the big news is that it will be polyphonic.

After initially announcing plans to create a polyphonic analogue synth back in November 2014, Behringer released the first teaser video just last week.

Volume 2 of the teaser videos introduced us to some different faces, including the likes of Ben Wilson of DivKid fame. Now it has been revealed that the new instrument is in fact polyphonic and looks to be sporting four voices.

While there'll undoubtedly be many other features that would also deserve their own headline, the question on polyphony was a big one and so can be ticked off the list. All we need to know now is the price. Will Uli Behringer's new offering come in cheaper than the hugely popular Korg Minilogue?

Be sure to keep an eye on Behringer's Facebook page for more upcoming info.