BandLab: an exciting new way to record and collaborate on your musical ideas

What will you and your collaborators cook up in the BandLab?
What will you and your collaborators cook up in the BandLab?

You never know when musical inspiration is going to strike, but with BandLab - a new free service that you can access through your web browser and on iOS and Android devices - you know that you can capture it whenever it does.

Combining collaboration features and cloud-based storage, BandLab is designed to make recording and developing your musical ideas easier than ever before. Once you've got them down, you can turn them into multitrack projects using the built-in Mix Editor.

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What's more, because everything is backed up to the cloud, you can be sure that you'll never lose a single recording. You can even trace a project's version history using their visual version control system.

BandLab enables you to access all of your projects on all of your devices, and you can also invite others to develop them with you anytime, anywhere. If it's feedback you're looking for, you can offer up work-in-progress tracks for people to comment on. With BandLab, your creativity has no limits.

You can find out more and sign up for free on the BandLab website, where you'll also find links to the Android and iOS apps.