Audio Damage releases Mangleverb: "Swiss Army Knife for wild sonic destruction"

Audio Damage's latest plugin experiment involved it combining a thick reverb, a filter, an envelope follower, an LFO and a VCA. The result is Mangleverb, which "can be used as a filter, reverb, transient shaper, rhythmic gate, LPF gate, tempo-synced VCA, and any combination thereof"

Mangleverb, then, is full of possibilities - you just have to decide how you want to use it. It's available now from the Audio Damage website in AU/VST formats for PC and Mac. It costs $49.

Audio damage mangleverb

Audio damage mangleverb

Audio Damage Mangleverb main features

  • Simple-to-use algorithmic reverb that can be either pre- or post-filter/VCA.
  • A monster resonant filter model with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes, and a drive circuit for gritty distortion.
  • Sophisticated tempo-synced LFO with waveshaper to create all common (and some uncommon) modulation shapes.
  • Envelope follower with internal, LFO, sidechain input, and MIDI trigger modes.
  • Feedback path and modulated VCA for final signal taming.
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