Arturia unveils iPad Minimoog emulation iMini

Arturia has released the iMini, an emulation of the classic Minimoog Model D monosynth for iPad.

The iMini - Arturia's first iOS app - is based around the same synth engine as Arturia's popular Mini V plug-in. It packs an interface and feature set based on the original '70s classic, but adds switchable polyphony, a pad controlled arpeggiator and an effects window offering analogue delay and chorus effects.

Interestingly, iMini is a Tabletop-ready app, meaning that it can run within free iPad audio workstation Retronyms Tabletop. The app can also be sync'd to external sources via WiST or Apple's Camera Connection Kit. For the time being at least, it seems that iMini doesn't support Audiobus.

iMini is available from the App Store currently priced £6.99/$9.99, but will rise to £15.49/$21.99 after three weeks.

Si Truss

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