Ample Sound hit a new low with Ample Bass P

Chinese guitar ROMpler developers par excellence Ample Sound have released their first virtual bass instrument: Ample Bass P, an emulation of the classic Fender Precision.

Powered by the company's impressive proprietary engine (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX/standalone), ABP's 3.6GB soundbank comprises 5989 24-bit samples recorded on every fret of the hallowed four-string axe and covering 14 articulations (Sustain, Palm Mute, Hammer On and Pull Off, Pop, Slap, etc).

The Auto Buzz system can be used to embellish a performance with realistic and controllable string buzz (including a randomise option), while one-note loops captured for every fret deliver 'live' tempo-synced single-note basslines without machine gunning.

The Tab Panel found in Ample Sound's other instruments has been redesigned to support the full list of bass articulations. Keyswitching between Slap/Pop and Sustain articulations is also a feature, as is the assignment of Slap and Pop separately to individual strings.

Although, judging by the screenshots, certain elements of the Ample Sound engine appear to have been deemed inappropriate for bass and dropped (the Effects and - understandably - Strummer Panels), if it's anywhere near as good as their various six-string offerings, Ample Bass P should be well worth checking out by anyone in need of smooth low-end tones. It's available now for $99, rising to its full price of $119 after September 4.