$499 music-making netbook launched

The Indamixx Laptop comes with EnergyXT pre-installed.
The Indamixx Laptop comes with EnergyXT pre-installed.

Can you make music on a netbook? This is the question that's being asked by thousands of people as these ultra-portable laptops become ubiquitous, and with the launch of a new package from Indamixx, the answer has to be yes.

This musician-specific bundle is built around a 1.6GHz Intel Atom-based netbook (this comes from a company called Sylvania, apparently) and a Linux-based operating system. The main application is the excellent energyXT, while 2900 drum sounds, 350 samples and scratches and 260 plug-ins are also included.

Other feature highlights include the ability to import sessions from your existing DAW and support for Windows-based VST plug-ins. As well as the laptop, the bundle also contains a carrying case, a 1GB SD card and a T-shirt.

The Indamixx Laptop costs just $499, which seems pretty good value to us. It can be pre-ordered now with a deposit of $99.

(Via Create Digital Music)