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TC Electronic unveils affordable UniTune Clip tuner

TC Electronic has made some of the biggest advances in bells-and-whistles tuning technology in recent years, so it's a pleasant surprise to see it unveiling a straight-forward clip-on tuner, in the UniTune Clip.

The new guitar tuner nonetheless still offers a few useful options including a choice of chromatic and strobe tuning (the former being faster and the latter slightly more accurate), quick adjustment of reference pitch, responsive orientation (i.e. a display that changes according to your position) and an 18-hour battery life. 

Like the Danish firm's previously-released PolyTune Clip, the UniTune Clip promises ± 0.02 cent accuracy with the strobe tuner, which compared to the ± 0.1 cent of rivals like the Korg Custom Shop Sledgehammer Pro, remains impressive.

Street price is looking like a tidy £29.99 to boot.

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