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TC Electronic unveils “the next step in string sustainers” with the Aeon

The venerable Ebow has been around for almost five decades, with very few changes over the years - now, TC Electronic has seen fit to update the format with the Aeon String Sustainer.

Featuring custom-made transducers, the Aeon promises maximum power with minimum battery consumption, and doesn’t have to be held right above the strings to work, which offers increased flexibility over its forebear.

The Aeon is powered by a 9V battery, and turns itself off after eight minutes of inactivity, while its brushed aluminium enclosure features a single on/off button and easy battery access.

We’re very excited about this one. The Aeon is available Q2 2018 for $69.95. Head over to TC Electronic for more info.

This is TC's second intriguing announcement this week, the first of which was the return of the 2290 Digital Delay as a plugin, which comes with its own uber-cool controller.

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