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TC Electronic unveils Hall Of Fame 2 reverb pedal with shimmer and innovative MASH footswitch

TC Electronic had been on the teasing warpath for its new MASH technology, and it's now announced the Hall Of Fame 2 reverb pedal as the first beneficiary.

MASH refers to the pedal's pressure-sensitive footswitch, which allows players to adjust the intensity of the effect by how hard they push - it controls different parameters dependent on the reverb type, and is a little like having an expression pedal built in.

The other headline news is the addition (finally!) of a shimmer reverb, utilising the polyphonic pitch-shifting of TC's Sub 'N' Up Octaver - it can self-oscillate with judicious use of the MASH footswitch, too.

Elsewhere, the pedal boasts the same features as the original (minus a couple of types), but adds two additional TonePrint slots, taking the total up to three, as well as a MASH LED.

As long as the MASH technology delivers in practice, this could be the 'verb to beat, and we expect to see it in our round-up of the best reverb pedals before long. We're fascinated to see the future applications of MASH, too…

The Hall Of Fame 2 is available now for $149 - the same price as the original. Head over to TC Electronic for more info.

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