TC Electronic reissues its first-ever pedal as the Stereo Chorus Flanger returns new and improved

TC Electronic has turned the clock back 45 years to reissue its first-ever pedal with a faithful but subtly improved Stereo Chorus Flanger. 

Returning as the SCF Gold, it presents its trio of modulation flavours in similar fashion, but has added extra headroom and a 9V DC input so that it runs on a regular pedalboard power supply.

Also, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a vintage 1976 units, which can turn up on Reverb for over £300. The text on the enclosure has gone from white to gold but the pedal’s format is otherwise unchanged, presenting players with a wide range of analogue modulation, from stereo chorus through pitch modulation and flanger. 

The modulation modes are selected via a three-way switch, with controls for Speed, Width and Intensity. There is also a mini-knob for adjusting input gain, and a handy overload LED to let you know if you need more headroom. But with SCF Gold’s upgraded preamp, there should be plenty of that.

You will notice an improved low-end response too, and TC promises a dynamic range that will complement any playing style. And, like the originals, it has a low noise floor to make it run as quiet as a church mouse.

All the SCF Gold’s jacks are top-mounted, and of course you can run the SCF Gold in mono or stereo, with both routing options clearly marked on the top. Available now, the SCF Gold is priced £149 / $199 street. See TC Electronic for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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