TC Electronic's new Plethora X5 will give you 127 pedalboards in one

TC Electronics TonePrint pedals have been wildly successful so far – and they deserve to be – so we're delighted to see that after some teasers last year the company have rounded them all up into one floorboard with the Plethora X5, due to land later this year at somewhere around the $399 mark.

It includes the Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb are onboard as well as TC's pitch effects, modulations like the Corona Chorus and Vortex Flanger, compression and more.

(Image credit: TC Electronic)

You can programme 75 different TonePrints for each of these effects (five of them offer the touch sensitive MASH Expression feature) and then combine up to five in a pedalboard chain, choosing their order on the 'board with 127 'boards available.

Each pedal setting is also customisable of course and you can bring your other pedals into the equation with Plethora’s FX insert loop to integrate them into the chain. 

(Image credit: TC Electronic)

Plethora X5 is also the first TC pedal that lets you connect to the TonePrint App using wireless technology too. The free TonePrint app connects your phone to Plethora letting you arrange boards, make custom TonePrints and more.

The Plethora X5 includes its own cab sim for going direct with recording or to a PA live. 

(Image credit: TC Electronic)

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