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TC Electronic has just launched a looper that keeps in time with your band

Anyone who's used a looper with a band will attest to the difficulty of keeping perfectly in time with a recorded loop, but now TC Electronic reckons it’s got the answer, courtesy of the Ditto Jam X2.

Rather than sync to a MIDI clock or click track, the Ditto Jam X2 utilises built-in microphones to follow the rhythmic elements of a band and adjust the loop accordingly - a clip-on mic is also included to attach to percussion instruments.

In matching the tempo, TC’s BeatSense technology promises to stretch or shorten the loop without compromising sound quality.

There’s also a practice mode, which allows guitarists to record a loop slowly and adjust the speed with the onboard tap tempo footswitch.

Otherwise, the Ditto mirrors other entries in the series, with loop and stop footswitches, unlimited overdubs, analogue dry-through, plus a toggle switch to go between recording, playing a loop back, or recording the loop and going straight to overdubs.

The Ditto Jam X2 Looper is available from August for £199 - see TC Electronic for more info.

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