Taylor's affordable American Dream Series: "Born from adversity. Built for value"

Taylor has announced the all-new American Dream Series, its most affordable all-solid US-built acoustics yet. The range takes in 3 Grand Pacifics with V-Class bracing and starts at a US street price of $1,399.

Each of the AD17, AD17 Blacktop and AD27 can be optionally augmented with Taylor's highly-regarded Expression System 2 (ES2) on-board electronics.

(Image credit: Taylor)

For more details on each, read on...

Taylor American Dream AD17 / AD17e - $1,399 / $1,599

Taylor American Dream acoustic guitars

(Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Taylor’s first Grand Pacific equipped with ovangkol back and sides, the  AD17, is a spruce top in "Urban Sienna", a treatment designed to complement the ovangkol’s grain, while there’s a thin matte finish across the guitar.

The ovangkol back and sides, says Taylor, bring much of the sparkle and low-end presence you'd normally expect expect from rosewood, plus a leveled-up midrange 

Taylor American Dream AD17 Blacktop / AD17e Blacktop - $1,499 / $1,699

Taylor American Dream acoustic guitars

(Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Again, the ovangkol construction of the Blacktop promises a warm, midrange focus, while the look is all about the matte 2mm black-finished spruce top and black pickguard.

Taylor American Dream AD27 / AD27e - $1,399 / $1,599

Taylor American Dream acoustic guitars

(Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Finally, the mahogany-topped AD27 boasts sapele back and sides and an Urban Sienna stain and matte finish.

For more info on the American Dream line-up, head over to Taylor Guitars.

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