Take your sample collection anywhere with Loopmasters Loopcloud

Many of us are guilty of disorganisation when it comes to storing samples, which can be a pain when it comes to locating that perfect sound. If you’re sick of browsing through multiple folders and hard drives, then Loopmasters’ Loopcloud could be the perfect solution, as not only does it give you fast access to all of your Loopmasters sounds, but because it’s cloud-based, you can access them at any time and on any computer. Better still, it’s completely free.

Sign up for an account (you can use your existing Loopmasters login details if you have them) and you can then download the Loopcloud app at Loopcloud.net. In addition to browsing your full sample packs, , you’ll soon also be able to purchase just the sounds you want, and they’ll all come tagged for quick and easy searching and filtering.

Once you’ve found the sound you’re looking for you can simply drag and drop it into your DAW or sampler, so there’s no need to go through your DAW’s browser any more. And because Loopcloud operates as a plugin, loops can be timestretched and previewed in time with your DAW’s tempo, and even processed with effects so you can hear them in the context of your project. 

Loopmasters is one of the most highly-respected sample providers in the world, and when you sign up to Loopcloud you’ll receive more than 1GB of the company’s content for free. You’ll also get a further 150 samples for free every week, and with lots of sounds currently on sale, now’s a great time to download Loopcloud and start building your collection.

Loopcloud is available for PC and Mac and operates as a VST/AU/AAX plugin. Sign up and download it for free now, and change the way that you use samples forever.