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Summer NAMM 2019: Korg’s PitchClip 2+ has more LEDs for greater tuning precision

Korg PitchClip 2+
(Image credit: Korg)

SUMMER NAMM 2019: To be honest, we suspected as much, but Korg has now confirmed that the flashing lights it teased earlier in the week belong to a new tuner, the PitchClip 2+.

Those lights are significant, though: this model uses approximately two-and-a-half times as many meter LEDS as its predecessor, the PitchClip 2, so should enable more precise tuning. Basic functionality, such as the calibration function and ±0.1 cent high-precision tuning, is also said to have been improved.

Another bonus is that the display can now be rotated vertically, allowing for easier viewing.

The PitchClip 2+ will be available in September priced at £25. Find out more on the Korg website.

Korg PitchClip 2+ features

  • A significantly updated display section
  • LED meter boasts detailed display resolution.
  • All note names shown in uppercase characters.
  • Position at the best angle for players.
  • A full complement of functions for tuning
  • ±0.1 cent high-precision tuning.
  • Calibration function.
  • Reverse display that’s convenient for left-handed players as well.
  • Strobe and Half Strobe modes provided.
  • Preview display when switching modes.
  • A clip that holds securely
  • Lightweight and tough

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