Summer NAMM 2017: Two new Warwick anniversary basses revealed

Warwick's Masterbuilt Thumb NT LTD 2017 in its five string configuration

SUMMER NAMM 2017: High-end German bass manufacturer Warwick has revealed two new limited edition models to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary.

Only 50 Masterbuilt Thumb NT LTD 2017s will be produced, in both four- and five-string versions. It's a hidden neck-through bass, with dry aged mahogany body back and neck-trough, ultra-thin wenge neck with maple stripes and marbled tiger stripe ebony fretboard with abalone dots, under a maple Burl Top. 

Two active EMG pickups are controlled by a two-band MEC electronics, in tribute to a 1984 model. 

The Masterbuilt will set you back approximately £5500 for the four-string or £5800 for the five.

Only 200 Teambuilt Pro Thumb BO LTD 2017s will be produced.

Meanwhile, Warwick will also produce a maximum of 200 Teambuilt Pro Series Thumb BO LTD 2017 models. This one features a bolt-on neck, also in wenge, and the same mahogany-maple combination body construction. This time we're looking at active MEC pickups and more MEC two-band electronics.

The company has listed the Teambuilt prices as £2400 and £2500 for four- and five-string models respectively.