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Summer NAMM 2017: Pigtronix prepares Mothership 2 analogue synth pedal for landing

SUMMER NAMM 2017: Pigtronix has unveiled the second version of its Mothership analogue synth pedal, and it takes the form of a far more compact stompbox than its predecessor.

The Mothership 2 boasts velocity sensitivity and three voices (triangle, square and sub-octave sine), as well as oscillator hard sync and pitch modulation via portamento and CV/expression control.

It promises to be a user-friendly guitar synth, with switchable preset tunings and a sync effect to deliver sweepable modulation and pitch effects, adjusted via sweep, timbre and glide controls.

Five dual-concentric pots and a pair of toggle switches control the action: triangle wave, square wave, clean, sub-octave sine wave, master volume, glide, fine-tune, dynamics (to adjust the feel of tracking), three-way tuning switch (unison, octave up, interval: maj 3rd, 4th, 5th), plus timbre/sweep and sync, which slaves the triangle and square wave oscillators to the input signal.

There’s an awful lot going on here, especially for the asking price of $249. The Mothership lands in September - head over to Pigtronix for more info.

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