STL Tones partner with Ignite amps for groundbreaking impulse response mixer

LIBRA's Cartesian Mixer allows for the visual mixing of up to eight impulse responses (Image credit: STL Tones)

STL Tones and Ignite amps are taking a pioneering new approach to impulse response (IR) mixing with the user-friendly and boundlessly tweakable LIBRA. Using its Cartesian Mixer, guitarists and bassists can upload up to eight impulse responses onto LIBRA then drag and drop, and play around in the intuitive graphic interface until they find the cabinet simulation mix they are after.

Not only do STL Tones and Ignite promise a user-friendly performance, they promise LIBRA won’t eat up all your CPU. LIBRA supports mono and stereo and automatic resampling for IRs of differing sample rates. 

Within each IR slot, LIBRA has a suite of controls to help sculpt your tone, including high-quality hi/lo pass analog shaped filters, automatic phase recognition for negative phase IRs, selectable delay for adjusting phase between loaded IRs, level attenuator, solo, and resonance.

You can download LIBRA here at the introductory price of $49.99. 

A free iLok account is required. LIBRA is compatible with Windows 7 and later and Mac OS X 10.9 and later, and all major digital audio workstations supporting VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX (32 & 64 bit).

Jonathan Horsley

Jonathan Horsley has been writing about guitars and guitar culture since 2005, playing them since 1990, and regularly contributes to MusicRadar, Total Guitar and Guitar World. He uses Jazz III nylon picks, 10s during the week, 9s at the weekend, and shamefully still struggles with rhythm figure one of Van Halen’s Panama.

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