Create your own Spotify Playlist in a Bottle time capsule - here's how

Spotify playlist in a bottle
(Image credit: Spotify)

Spotify has revealed its latest clever self-curation wheeze, a time capsule playlist you can build now, but only open again in 2024.

By answering a series of prompts like "A song I need to hear live on 2023" or "A song you’re going to kiss someone to this year” in the mobile app, you're able to build a playlist snapshot that, once sealed, can only be accessed in a year's time, revealing "who you are musically right now" to your hopefully unashamed future self. You can add as few as three songs, or plough on at your leisure.

To get started head to on your mobile, or scan the QR code below, select your chosen receptacle and prepare for a gentle musical grilling.

In a year's time, you'll receive a prompt to crack open your sonic time capsule and either, as the marketing bods at Spotify hope, share your list far and wide, or wonder what on Earth you were thinking.

Spotify QR playlist in a bottle

Scan this QR in your mobile to get started on your playlist in a bottle (Image credit: Spotify)

Free and premium subscribers can make a Playlist in a Bottle until 31 January, when the digital vault slams shut, as long as they're in (deep breath) the US, UK, Australia, France, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Chile, U.A.E., Colombia, Indonesia, Sweden, Egypt, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Morocco, Philippines, or Poland.

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