Solid State Logic unveils X-Delay, new plugin inspired by classic '80s digital delays

(Image credit: SSL)

SSL has announced the release of a new delay plugin, the X-Delay. A new addition to the X Series of digital effects, X-Delay is inspired by legendary hardware processors from the '80s.

Built to complement SSL's X-Echo, which offers producers a recreation of the analogue sounds of vintage tape delay, X-Delay focuses on emulating the expansive character of classic digital delays. Equipped with considerable functionality, the plugin allows for 4 independently configurable delay taps, each of which can be adjusted by delay time, level, and pan. Taps synchronized with your project's tempo can be entered into dotted and triplet modes to create polyrhythmic patterns that evolve as they decay.

There's also a ping-pong mode available for bouncy stereo action, and integrated SSL-style analogue saturation, modulation, and reverb built into the plugin - all good news for producers looking to get their tweak on and shape some unique sounds. X-Delay's feedback level can be pushed beyond 100% to produce heavy, overdriven soundscapes, and there's Freeze and Kill buttons included to help you create riser and drop effects without resorting to automation within your DAW.

Once you've shaped the perfect delay, X-Delay features controls for two filters, high pass and low pass, in addition to a stereo width knob, enabling you to easily create mix-ready sounds within the plugin itself.

SSL's X-Delay is now available as part of their Complete Bundle Subscription, which is priced at $14.99 per month and delivers a host of other software. By itself, the plugin retails at $199, but SSL currently have a sale on that'll give you a 35% discount up until 22 March. Don't miss out.

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