Solar Guitars has unveiled two At The Gates signature electrics, and they're all sharp edges and spec'd for death metal

Solar Guitars At The Gates Artist Series
Solar A1.6ATG [top] and A1.6ATG Baritone-27 (Image credit: Solar Guitars)

Solar Guitars has teamed up with Martin Larsson of Swedish death metal titans At The Gates for two signature electric guitars – the A1.6ATG and A1.6ATG Baritone-27.

As you can see, both share the total noir aesthetic, their Carbon Black Matte finishes absorbing all light, and both are similarly spec'd – the big difference in their relative scale length and hardware.

The Baritone-27 features a six-saddle Hipshot bridge and has a 27" scale, while the A1.6ATG has a regular 25.5" scale and an EverTune F-type bridge. Otherwise, they are hard to tell apart.

Both have alder bodies, maple necks with a set-through construction, ebony fingerboards with 24 super-jumbo frets and a typically flat radius of 13.78". Down the side of the neck you'll find Luminlay glow-in-the-dark side markers.

As with young Linda Blair in The Exorcist, the headstocks have been reversed for a added demonic kudos. They are fitted with high-ratio (18:1) Solar locking tuners.

The pickups are very of the moment, with two Fishman Fluence Modern humbuckers occupying the neck and bridge positions, with a three-way selector and single volume knob with a push/pull feature to activate the pickups' second voicing.

The A1.6ATG is priced €1,399, the Baritone-27 €1,299. 

Head on over to Solar Guitars for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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