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Softube’s Console 1 Fader is a hybrid mixing platform for your DAW

Softube has expanded its Console 1 hybrid mixing platform by launching Console 1 Fader, a hardware/software solution that centres on a new controller that features ten touch-sensitive 100m motorised faders.

These are housed in a classy looking and durable powder-coated steel chassis. The faders can be configured to control not only volume, but also high- and low-cut filter values, drive and drive character. By scrolling through pages, you can control multiple banks of 10 channels at a time.

There’s just the one knob; this can be used to control both the pan for the selected channel and a stereo spatialisation tool. There’s also a Layer mode that enables you to make adjustments to multiple tracks simultaneously.

Fader ships with two software-based component-modelled analogue console emulations: Tube and Discrete. It can be used either in combination with the standard Console 1, or on its own. You can also use multiple Fader units together.

Console 1 Fader is available now for PC and Mac priced at $599/€599. Find out more on the Softube website.

Softube Console 1 Fader

(Image credit: Softube)
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