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Skreddy seeks to give your tone some Rubber Soul with new overdrive pedal

One of the original boutique builders, Skreddy Pedals has announced the Rubber Soul, an overdrive pedal that aims to capture the sound of classic Vox AC30 tones.

Promising to be a “versatile workhorse rather than a one-trick pony”, the Rubber Soul offers volume, drive, sag, treble and bass controls for precise tone-sculpting.

It’s voiced after an AC30 jumpered between the normal and bright channels, and features an optical compressor circuit after the preamp, to emulate the amp’s rectifier, transformer and speaker cones.

Skreddy has namechecked The Beatles, U2 and REM as reference points for the pedal’s tones, so we’re expecting some pretty chimey cleans and drives from this one.

The Rubber Soul is available to order for $239 from Skreddy Pedals.

This isn’t the first Beatles-inspired overdrive pedal to surface lately, with Aclam’s Dr Robert promising “a perfect replica” of The Beatles’ fave Vox UL730 amp.

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