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Seymour Duncan launches Joe Bonamassa Amos Pickup Set

Just two days after Epiphone announced its recreation of Joe Bonamassa’s legendary 1958 ‘Amos’ Flying V, Seymour Duncan has swooped in to offer a faithful replica of the same model’s pickups.

Based on the humbuckers found in the super-rare V, the Amos’s PAFs feature unusually strong magnetism, which led SD to Alnico 6 magnets, resulting in a tone the company describes as “warm, clear and powerful”.

A reproduction cover option is also available via the custom shop, which imitates the wear on the original Amos pickups, but regardless of the aesthetic, every set is wound using the same Leesona winding machine originally used by Gibson in the ’50s and ’60s.

The Joe Bonamassa Amos Pickup Set is available now for $375 from Seymour Duncan - each set is hand-signed by Seymour W Duncan and Joe Bonamassa.

Sets hit the UK in late January/early February, clocking in at £369 for black and zebra, £379 for gold and nickel.

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