Session Loops at Gear Expo 2022: the next-generation music production platform

GEAR EXPO 2022: Session Loops is a next-generation music production platform where you can create your customized loops based on grooves, licks, chord progressions, FX, registers, and more. 

They currently focus on their R&B Guitar Pack Series consisting of ten packs of both acoustic and electric guitars, all centred around contemporary R&B and its various sub-genres.

R&B Guitar Pack Series

For modern RnB music production and beat making, the guitar plays a vital role due to its expressiveness of both groove and harmony. However, there are no sample-based virtual instruments that meet this demand well due to the difficulty of midi programming to get decent sounds. 

On the other hand, it’s time consuming to find guitar loops on current online loop platforms that match with certain grooves and chord progressions. To solve this problem, Session Loops comes up with their brand new loop website and Loop Editor.

Unlike other online sample libraries, all loops on Session Loops are made up of fundamental clips including chord-based grooves, fills and key-matching licks, via the online Loop Editor. Users can add or modify presets, or make their own. Thus there are infinite loops and possibilities for users to get inspired and customize to fit their songs and projects.


  • Drag & drop groove and lick clips. Move and cut clips to adjust position and length.
  • Modify chord changes by changing root notes, chord types and registers. Up to 14 chord types and 3 registers are available, plus applicable fills.
  • Adjust key and bpm on the fly without need of further modifications in DAWs. The dedicated time stretch algorithm ensures the minimum of artifacts even with high stretch ratios.
  • High-quality effects specifically designed for modern music production ranging from basic Cloud Reverb, Analog Echo to creative Reversing Machine and Sweep Delay.
  • Chord progression library consisting of hundreds of chord progressions and still growing. A great tool for songwriting and inspirations.

Subscribe to Session Loops

The 10 dedicated packs are recorded by 9 session guitarists respectively with more than 200 grooves, licks and fills being recorded in total. For each pack, there are more than one hundred presets available. More packs & genres are coming in the future.

Session Loops starts at a regular subscription of $5.99 a month, with a 14-day free trial available for new users. They also provide a free option where users can share loops with their friends and earn extra credits. Free users will get up to 15 credits a month for sharing loops, at a rate of one credit for every 3 streams.

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