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See Metallica play one of their "best setlists ever"

Metallica are currently adding a different gig (opens in new tab)  to their YouTube channel every week but when one of the band says the latest addition is a "very important show from our past" and "one of the best setlists ever" it's even more of a must-see.

Hetfield and Hammett interviewed

As bassist Rob Trujillo notes in his intro to the Munich set from 31 May, 2015, that nightsaw  the band played Kill 'Em All cut Metal Militia, his favourite Metallica song Disposable Heroes, Load track King Nothing and the debut of non-album single Lords Of Summer, plus …And Justice For All's Frayed Ends Of Sanity. 

That's a fistful of rarely played Metallica songs right there.

James Hetfield onstage at the Munich 2015 show 

James Hetfield onstage at the Munich 2015 show  (Image credit: Stefan M. Prager / Getty)

They also played Ride The Lightning's Fight Fight With Fire… no wonder Trujillo wishes he could play this setlist all the time. 

You can watch the show above in full. 

Rob Laing
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