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Roland’s “ultimate sound module”, the XV-5080, is now available in the Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud XV-5080
(Image credit: Roland)

Released in 2000, Roland’s XV-5080 was billed as the company’s “ultimate sound module,” and with good reason. Building on the success of the earlier JV-1080, this rack-based multitimbral beauty offered a massive stash of PCM-based sounds, modulation features aplenty and a slew of effects, and was versatile enough to appeal to a wide range of producers.

Now the XV-5080 has returned as a Roland Cloud plugin, meaning that a new generation can enjoy its wide-ranging charms. It contains more than 900 presets, all of which can be searched by category, and a drop-down editor gives access to in-depth parameter editing.

The XV-5080 is one of a growing number of Roland classics to head onto the company’s Cloud platform. It joins the likes of the TR-808, Juno-106. Jupiter-8, TB-303, TR-909 and D-50.

You can find out more and sign up for a subscription on the Roland Cloud website. Prices start at $19.95/£18.50 a month, with savings to be had if you sign up for a single- or multi-year plan.

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