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Roland Fantom
(Image credit: Roland)

BACK TO LIVE: Getting back into the rehearsal room? Finishing that album in the studio? Or getting ready for a live show? Here’s just some of the products to help you get there.

Learn how the Roland Fantom can be the heart of your synth rig. Check out our VAD series V-Drums for the convenience of an electronic drum kit but with the stage presence of a full acoustic kit. Have a great authentic piano sounds from our clean and compact RD-88 stage piano. And access sounds of the past, present and future within minutes with Roland Cloud.


 The Need To Create

FANTOM is a new kind of creative hub, made for rapid production and expressive performance. Inspiring onboard production tools and deep computer integration fuel an experience that feels intuitive, natural, and full of possibilities. The expandable sound engine delivers our best electronic and acoustic sounds, with the depth and control to combine and shape them in exciting new ways. And it’s built from premium materials, with a purposeful design, and the best 61-, 76-, and 88-note keyboards we’ve ever made.

  • Seamless workflow with no confusing modes
  • Expandable sound engine delivers authentic electronic and acoustic sounds
  • Fresh hybrid sounds combining modern PCM, virtual analog, and a routable analog filter
  • V-Piano technology for stunning realism and expression
  • Scenes contain settings for all 16 layers, plus effects and patterns
  • Deep integration with DAWs and softsynths and 16x3 stereo audio interface
  • Multitrack clip-based sequencing with instant pattern recording and triggering
  • TR-REC sequencer as found on classic Roland drum machines
  • High-resolution controls with dedicated synth control section
  • Massive DSP power for plenty of polyphony and smooth sound transitions
  • All new 61-note semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch

Check out how Kebu uses the Fantom as the heart of his live performance. 

Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design

Pushing the frontiers of live drum performance.

Roland V-Drums

(Image credit: Roland)

When you need the glamour and presence of a full acoustic drum set on stage - but with the convenience and control of electronic drums - the Roland VAD series is the perfect solution. 

V-Drums Acoustic Design is a different kind of V-Drums experience, blending the physical presence of acoustic drums with Roland’s world-leading digital percussion technology. The authentic look and detailed craftsmanship of a premium acoustic drum kit is all here, with full-size wood shells and cymbals, beautiful finish options, and deluxe chrome hardware. You’ll feel like you’re playing an acoustic kit too, losing yourself in rich, immersive sound and organic response that inspires you to go deeper. V-Drums Acoustic Design delivers the acoustic vibe you know and love, powered by the expressiveness and playability that only V-Drums can provide.

See how Oli Wiseman (Anne Marie / Mabel) uses his kit... 

Roland RD-88

Take the Stage

Roland RD88

(Image credit: Roland)

RD pianos have been the choice of professional keyboardists for more than 30 years, appearing on stages around the world. Now you can have the acclaimed RD sound and playability in a lighter, more accessible, and more affordable instrument - the Roland RD-88.

  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transport and setup
  • Ivory feel piano-touch keyboard (PHA-4) for world-class playability
  • New SuperNATURAL pianos and electric pianos based on acclaimed RD series
  • Easy to use interface optimized for performance
  • Three zones with external control and Apple MainStage integration
  • Room-filling, onboard speaker system

For over three decades, RD pianos have been trusted by professionals, night after night, on stages the world over. One key reason is how playable they are, and how connected you feel when you play one. You get sturdy controls and smooth, reliable keyboard action that feels natural—never stiff, never spongy.

Roland Cloud

Sounds of past, present and future. Yours in minutes.

Roland Cloud

(Image credit: Roland)

Use over 50 Roland virtual instruments. Embrace the future with ZENOLOGY. Share your sounds across software and hardware with the ZEN-Core Synthesis System. And keep your music fresh with genre-specific patches, patterns, and sound packs.

  •  With a mastery of classic analog, vintage digital, and modern hybrid tones, ZENOLOGY’s roots go back to the dawn of synthesis. Its future will reshape your relationship with sound.
  • Purchase a Lifetime Key and use your chosen instrument for as long as your Roland account is active - even if you’re not a paying member.
  • Roland Cloud works with a variety of compatible Roland hardware. Share sounds with ZEN-Core-compatible gear including FANTOM and JUPITER-X. Host PLUG-OUTS in the SYSTEM-8 synth for computer-free performance. Or use your TR-8S or Roland Boutiques to control their software equivalents, with all controls mapping automatically.

Learn more or sign up here

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