Rickenbacker announces 90th anniversary bass and guitar models

(Image credit: Rickenbacker / Instagram )

Rickenbacker hasn't updated the news section of its website since 2014 (!?) but over on the company's Instagram big news is brewing – they've got two new models in the pipeline to celebrate the monumental milestone of 90 years as a company.

There's 90th anniversary XC Limited Edition 480XC electric guitar and 4005XC bass coming – and yes the guitar looks like a bass and vice versa.

Rickenbacker provides scant information in its post below but some online snooping has revealed prices and more details. Spoiler: they're expensive. 

We're already seeing wildly differing preorder prices online for the 480XC guitar are around £5,399. Ouch. 

Prices for the 4005XC anniversary bass are around £5,799. 

It looks like the guitar will be available in Tobaccoglo and Jetglo, while the bass options will be Amber Fireglo and Jetglo. 

Specs we can find so far are as follows: 

90th anniversary XC Limited Edition 480XC 


(Image credit: Rickenbacker)
  • Deluxe Solidbody; maple 
  • Hot wound "Toaster" (12k) pickups
  • Mono ouput
  • Black trim with checkered binding
  • Maple neck with macassar-ebony fretboard
  • Crushed pearl inlays
  • Schaller Bridge
  • Black hardware
  • Vintage-style case

4005XC 90th Anniversary Bass Guitar


(Image credit: Rickenbacker)
  • Deluxe thinline semi-hollow
  • Maple body
  • Three-piece maple neck with skunk stripe
  • Ebony fretboard
  • 'Crushed Pearl' fretboard inlays
  • White Checkered Binding
  • 24 Frets
  • Scale length: 775 mm
  • Two standard vintage 'Toaster' pickups
  • Mono / stereo output sockets
  • Vintage-style case
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