Red Witch unleashes its most ambitious fuzz pedal with the Seraphina

If the Seraphina fuzz octave up pedal sounds as good as it looks we're onto a winner here – and New Zealand's Red Witch Pedals have gone all out to make sure it delivers.  By the company's own admission it's "a fuzz pedal unlike any that Red Witch has offered before."

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It's Red Witch's third partnership with Reverb on a limited red effects pedal after the Ophelia and the Concordia. The Seraphina [the latin name Seraphinus is derived from the biblical word seraphim and meant "fiery ones"] features 4 germanium diodes, through hole components and premium Wima Capacitors. 

(Image credit: Red Witch Pedals)

There's three top side mounted dials controlling Fuzz, Tone and Volume and the two footswitches allow engage the pedal and the octave up. The combination here allows you access to a veritable smorgasbord of fuzz.

"From a leviathanic wall of fuzz to a more classic vintage feel, the fuzz control allows users access to a multitude of fuzz experiences," says Red Witch.

"From incredibly searing, laser beam tones, to the bass heavy 'American Woman' sound, the tone control offers a broad range of ultra useful frequency modification," it continues.

Consider our fuzz interest piqued! 

There's two additional controls inside the Seraphina to shape your fuzz in finer detail. The first trim pot sets the character of octave up. From a piercing, singing tonality to a thicker blend of octave and fuzz. The second trim pot allows players to set the overall fuzz girth.

The first run of the Seraphina is a limited run of 100 from Red Witch's Reverb shop.  

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