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Run out of room for any more modular synths? Perhaps now's the time to go VR

For most gearheads many thoughts occupy the brain, such as; "I wonder if I could sell all my furniture for more synths?" and "what if money and space were no object, think of all the synths I could have?"

Such paths of materialism and rampant consumerism don't end well and of course, we shouldn't be living beyond our means, but if there was an alternate universe where anything can go, then surely a lot of synth-lovers would be there like a shot?

Luckily there is such a place and it goes by the name of SynthVR, a modular environment designed for virtual reality that will allow you to take a dive into modular synthesis without the huge cost and space required.

Tactile softsynths

The brainchild of Daniel Rothmann, developer at 42tones, SynthVR aims to bring a physical feel to software-based modular synthesis. Allowing you to create new synth patches with either Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift headsets.

So far, development for the project has been a very open one with users able to give direct feedback to Rothmann via Discord. Who had this to say on the process: "Chatting with the SynthVR users has been incredible. Their immediate, honest feedback has been invaluable and it has had a measurable impact on many features of the app. We also have fun on the server, sharing our jams and patching tips."

The project is currently in Alpha and available to download for free from the 42tones website, where you'll also find more info.

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