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Put on a show with this atmosphere-enhancing live gear

DJ with light show
(Image credit: Getty / Niklas Skur / EyeEm)

BACK TO LIVE: You don't need to be playing the Pyramid stage before you invest in your live show. LED lights, for instance, can be a cost effective way of adding some character to your performances (though make sure you check in with the venue if you're bringing your own). Here are three picks that will help you build atmosphere...

LightCan LED lights

(Image credit: ApeLabs)

Ape Labs LightCan LED Lights

Price: £85/€129

Want some regularly vibrant lighting without shelling out for a full lighting rig? Then a few LightCans may be just what you need. 

Pumping out impressive coloured lighting via a 15W RGBW LED, these battery-powered beauties can be programmed with a variety of colours and speeds, and can be easily positioned to add a staggering amount of visual flair.

Freedom Stick Pack

(Image credit: Chauvet)

Chauvet Freedom Stick Pack

Price: $579/£445/€605

This flexible LED lighting array can serve many purposes, but it really comes into its own when used as a live experience lifter. 

Sold in a pack of four, plus an IRC remote controller, the Freedom Sticks’ free–standing design makes them easily transportable, and – in sync - they can be pixel–mapped to flash and strobe in tandem with the rhythm of your tracks.

Look Unique 2.1 Hazer

(Image credit: Look Unique)

Look Unique 2.1 230V Hazer

Price: $1,570/£666/€889/

A little haze, particularly when used in conjunction with the right lighting, can hugely improve the attention–grabbing potential of your show. 

A decent Hazer such as this from Look Unique is quiet running, and provides a subtle amount of vision–clouding obscurity, as opposed to the wind–turbine, 80s fog machines of old!

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