Polyphia release new track Neurotica from forthcoming fourth album, Remember That You Will Die

Polyphia fans have been patient, but now the instrumental phenomenons are readying their eagerly-awaited fourth album Remember That You Will Die with another new track, Neurotica. 

Produced by guitarists Tim Henson & Scott LePage, Neurotica finds Polyphia in the genre-bending mode they thrive in, with their take on a minimalist, hard-hitting 'rage beat' with collaborators Sims Cashion, drummer Luke Holland and Brady Watt. 

And check out the stunning custom Ibanez guitars and bass! 

Neurotica follows the nylon-string histronics of previous single Playing God. The released date for Remember That You Will Die is still TBC but the album is available to be preordered at polyphia.com

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Rob Laing
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