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Plugindoctor can diagnose what your VST/AU processors are doing to your audio

DDMF says that the Plugindoctor fills a long-standing gap in the market: it’s a cross-platform plugin analysis tool that’s designed for both developers and producers.

On the developer side, it can be used to test the audio quality of a product, while end users can turn to it when they want to see what a particularly processors is doing to a sound.

Specs are below, and you can download a demo on the DDMF website. Plugindoctor costs $19.

DDMF Plugindoctor

  • Highest quality, double precision FFT engine, independent stereo channel analysis
  • Linear analysis: magnitude and phase response using delta or random input signal
  • Harmonic analysis: highly accurate frequency response analysis to a sinusoidal input signal. Input strength and frequency can be varied for THD/THD+N calculation. Switchable intermodular distortion modus.
  • Oscilloscope: watch what happens to a sinusoidal input signal in real time.
  • Dynamics: use a ramping signal to test compression or expansion, or an attack-release signal to check your compressor’s attack and decay curves.
  • Performance: how many milliseconds are really spent in your plugin’s audio processing callback (as a function of buffer size)
  • Freely resizable user interface
  • Three quality settings, corresponding to three different FFT buffer sizes
  • Storage option of curves in Linear and Harmonic analysis mode for easy comparison of settings or of different plugins
  • Built-in screenshot function
  • Comes as a 32 and a 64 bit executable
  • Can load VST and (on Mac) AU effect plugins