See guitarists Rabea Massaad, Plini and Jake Howsam jam onstage in Helsinki

Rabea Massaad recently released his Archetype signature plugin with Neural DSP and while he was over at the company's Finland headquarters he worked with Australian maverick Plini on a new track that we'll hear more of in time. But right now we have footage of the two contemporary beasts of taste and tone jamming together in Helsinki.

Plini Welcomes Rabea onstage about halfway through the jam session  as you can see above. 

"Thanks for posting this!" wrote Rabea in the comments of YouTuber oskarpajunen. "Was such a rush job I don’t really remember it, and coming out to jam in the middle of a set was pretty weird, couldn’t quite settle in hahaha! But I had a great time :) Something Nice to look back on :)"

After Rabea, Plini band member Jake Howsam takes his turn and does a wonderful job before all three guitarist play off each other in a modern fusion shred-off. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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